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TC Specializes in
Stackable Surgical Guides


The Preplanned, Predictable, Full-Arch Restoration

CHROME is an amazing product that allows doctors to deliver an anchored guide system, preplanned bone reduction, and a beautiful anchored prosthesis. CHROME delivers a high level of precision and efficiency.

IBUR BioSystems

Simple yet comprehensive surgical guides

IBUR BioSystem offers simple, yet comprehensive surgical systems to evaluate, prepare and place implants in their ideal locations from an anatomical and final restorative standpoint. IBUR increases the accuracy of data collection process and maximizes the accuracy of the surgery while cutting down the surgical time.

Chair-side support

TC offers chair side support for complete confidence in guided surgery.We send our knowledgable and experienced surgical guide dental technicians nation wide for all-on-x surgeries.

TC manages cases from diagnostic workup, CT scan appliance fabrication, implant placement, to provisional and final restoration.

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